New Mushbooms Level Pack!

2012-06-24 12:45:38 by HeadFizz

Well Hello there, you overly attractive internet browser you! I hope this post finds you well and that your seat is adequately supporting your buttocks.

I am here to inform you of my latest release, the second level pack for my physics game, Mushbooms!

Play it Here!!

Here is a picture, to prove to you that I am not lying. We all know what a bunch of lying, cheating dirty, unclean and awesomely awesome most game developers are and I can assure you, I am all of those things and more!

I Love you!

New Mushbooms Level Pack!

Albatross Uterus, you say? Yes Sir!

Here is my latest game, sponsored by Gamesbutler

It's a fun, cute physics/platformer style game, a bit like boombot. You can make your own levels and share them with other people, if you fancy that!


Anyway, here is an image...

Blast the Mooks Level Pack Released!

NeoPods - Arty 3D Physics game

2011-08-19 15:35:48 by HeadFizz

My latest game is out and looking for players! This time I have gone for a slightly more arty farty affair and spent some time on making an futuristic, yet minimalist artstyle using 3D vector graphics. I haven't seen another physics game like this so I hope you enjoy it.


NeoPods - Arty 3D Physics game

Play Bearboy and the Cursor!

Check it out, my first major release! happy with this one, learnt a lot from developing it which is already really helping with my next games, which are looking to be even better.

Look out for my next title: Feed the Mooks!

Just put up my new site, check it out for more info.

There you will be able to find my latest released games, news of upcoming games, as3 tutorials and much more!

Release is the first in a series of physics games, each one will have a different, unique twist and take on some of the best physics games out there.

Next up: Feed the Mooks!